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About Weed Smart

We’re committed to changing the perception of marijuana. We believe all Canadians over the age of 19 should have access to the many benefits that marijuana offers. It’s just a matter of time before marijuana is legalized across Canada. We also believe legalizing marijuana will keep it out of the hands of children and deny criminals the profits of illicit dealing.

Weed Smart Review

Weed Smart Online Review: Why you should by Weed from Weed Smart

Weed Smart Online Dispensary is changing the Canadian perception of cannabis. The company is based in British Columbia but you can order anywhere in Canada.

Expect to spend some time exploring the site. Under the News tab, there are many media posts to inform you about the current cannabis events, promotions, and how-to’s like how to buy weed online.

Weed Smart also provides full descriptions of each strain, high-tier concentrates, and of the delicious edibles that they offer. If you’re new to cannabis, spend some time reading about the different varieties such as Sativas vs. Indicas vs. Hybrids.

All prices in this review are the prices at the time of writing the review.

Why choose Weed Smart?

According to Weed Smart reviews it is a trusted online dispensary in Canada. Expect to get it exactly when they say and that your product is high quality. Their cannabis flowers are grown using state-of-the-art growing techniques, ensuring they are always up to date and as fresh as possible. All products are covered by quality assurance to ensure customers get their money’s worth. And when it comes to value, they offer the most premium marijuana products on the market.

Additionally, due to the nature of the business, Weed Smart ensures that all transactions are encrypted and that all packages are vacuum sealed for complete discretion. That makes it easy to buy weed online from Weed Smart.

Weed Smart Coupon Codes

At the time of writing this review, if you buy 3 ounces of Chem Valley Kush from Weed Smart, you will get 1 ounce for free! When you sign up as a member, you will automatically receive 3.5g of pre-packaged joints or flowers in your cart for free.

Weed Smart also offers an “Introduce a Friend” program, where you can earn $20 with your next order over $ 100. If your friend spends $200, they will also receive a $ 50 coupon. There are always tons of sales and discounts available. Buy Weed Online and find deals on Bruce Banner, Pink Starburst, and many more strains and products from Weed Smart.

Weed Smart Wide Range of Products on offer

Marijuana flowers

Weed Smart offers three types of flowers: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Indica strains are known to amplify high levels by the high THC content. They have excellent pain-relieving properties and are known to have calming and relaxing effects. These are great for sleeping or just decompressing after a long day of work. Weed Smart’s list of Indica stocks includes Black Diamond, Purple Candy, Death Bubba, PlatinumOG, Purple Rhino, and more. In total, they offer their consumers 28 Indica strains, all of which are of excellent quality and priced fairly. Sativa flowers give a more euphoric and elevated feeling than Indica flowers. This makes the Sativa stock ideal for people who enjoy creating art, writing, active, or enjoy smoking throughout the day. It is ideal for “waking up and burning” smokers who like to smoke marijuana during the day because Sativas do not make you as tired. There are 13 types of Sativa, including Alice in Wonderland, Love Potion, Red Congo, Grape God Death, and Green Crack.

All Weed Smart flowers are of the highest quality and will be delivered to your door within 2-3 days. They have made the ordering process straightforward. Once you create an account and register with your details, it takes less than 10 minutes to select and confirm what you need. Weed Smart coupon codes or discount items refer primarily to cannabis products, so be sure to check if you have any coupons or discounts available.

Violator Kush

Violator Kush is one of the most consumed Indica stocks among Weed Smart customers. Reviewers rated it five stars. The combination of Marana and the Hindu Kush creates a relaxing effect for the body. Seven grams costs $55, and an ounce is $190.

Red Congo

Red Congo is another 5-star cannabis strain from Weed Smart. It is an African Sativa strain comprising complex tastes and influences. Smoking a joint of this can increase focus and even achieve mental clarity. For 7 grams, you pay $70, and an ounce is $200 so Buy Weed Online from Weed Smart.

Grapefruit Haze (AAAAA)

This breed belongs to the premium class and has a rating of AAAAA. Grapefruit and Sativa Cross in Ultra Silver Haze the flavor is unique to this strain; it is tropical grapefruit and capsicum. Experience some laughter and a lively mood in Grapefruit Haze. For $70, you can get 7 grams of this premium cannabis.

Cannabis Concentrates

Weed Smart primarily focuses on providing high-quality flowers but with fewer focus options. Online dispensers offer two of the most popular concentrates on the cannabis market: Hash and milling. There are usually two options each, but the options change often.

Caduceus Afghani Hash (AAAAA)

Hash is a more concentrated form of cannabis because it is made from the plant’s resin glands. It is essentially pure THC that is heated and pressed into a fractionation brick. Caduceus African Hash is the highest quality you can find and the best way to relax and unwind.

Marijuana Edibles

No matter what type of cannabis-infused edibles you prefer, Weed Smart has it. You can find Sativa or Indica predominance in THC, CBD, or both. The most popular product is the Faded Edibles Sour Sucker. Each packet contains 150 mg of THC, reminiscent of Sour Patch Kids. For edible foods high in CBD, try Twisted Edible Caramel Indica/CBD.

Weed Smart payment options

Interac E-Transfer is the only payment option that Weed Smart currently accepts. The process is simple and takes a few minutes (it may take longer if the payment is over $ 1000). Simply log in to online banking or go to payment gateway, select the account you want to withdraw, and enter the recipient’s name and email address. The payment method will be provided upon check-out.

WeedSmart Shipping Policy

All orders placed before 9 AM PST will ship the same day, and orders made after that time will ship the next business day. Free shipping is available after spending $99. For orders under this amount, you will pay a flat fee of $20 through Xpresspost.

Most orders arrive within 1-3 business days, but it may take an additional 1-2 days if you live in a remote location. Orders are secured and protected against theft (except for residents of the Territory of Nunavut or Northern Quebec). If your package is stolen or lost, contact support and there is a high change that you will receive a replacement.

Things to consider when buying weed online

There are several factors to consider when browsing legitimate cannabis websites on the internet, such as Weed Smart.

  • View customer reviews of the company
  • Do you get your money’s worth?
  • Do you offer discounts and deals to loyal customers?
  • Do your products have the right concentrations of CBD and THC?

Tips to Help You Use When Buying Weeds Online

Here are some important things to keep in mind when browsing the online marijuana market.

  1. Understand the value

Several strains of cannabis available must be known and studied in advance. These include different levels of CBD and THC. When you browse their website, you will likely see information about these concentrations.

  1. Price analysis

Compare the price with other online dispensaries. The price should be neither too high nor too low. Also, pay attention to the shipping fee. Weed Smart offers the best deals with the help of Weed Smart coupons.

  1. How do you provide it?

A more established and experienced online dispensary is more likely to offer products more conveniently and safely.

  1. Find the right product

Another important thing to consider when shopping online from Weed Smart is knowing, which product is right for you and finding it online. There are countless types of cannabis products online. Find out which weed suits your needs and tastes.

Weed Smart Advantages

  • The product is carefully packaged, discrete, and vacuum-sealed
  • Tons of Weed Smart coupons offered during holidays
  • Large selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles.
  • Offers free shipping on orders over $99
  • It will be delivered within three working days
  • New members will be provided with 3 grams of ready-made flowers or premium flowers.
  • There is a loyalty rewards program. For every $25 you spend, you get $1.


Weed Smart is a legitimate mail-order marijuana service and believes that buying cannabis should be as convenient as enjoying it. We have a team of marijuana enthusiasts with over 20 years of experience growing and breeding marijuana products. This hemp brand offers high-quality edible foods, concentrates, CBD oils, and everything in between. They can also choose from over 30 high-quality strains of marijuana.

The price match policy on their website allows them to guarantee high quality and offer you the lowest price. Additionally, Trustpilot has an excellent rating of 4.7/5 in nearly 3,000 reviews. So you can be confident that they are serious. According to Weed Smart Reviews its website is nice looking and easy to navigate for easy shopping.

Their customer service is fast and delivered on time in 1-3 business days. Free shipping on orders over $149 is applicable. This cannabis brand ensures all transactions are encrypted and vacuum seals on the packaging when it comes to privacy.

New members will get 3 grams of rolls or flowers and offer a loyalty rewards program. This will give you $1 for every $25 you spend. The high efficacy of the product guarantees 100% satisfaction with each order.

It is a dream come true for many to have access to quality marijuana. Is weedsmart.net legal? Definitely! In addition to the professional appearance of the website, the quantity and quality of the products it has, the integrity of the transactions, the reliability of the purchase and shipping process, and especially the satisfactory reviews from your customers tells how legit Weed Smart is.

Deals from Weed Smart

Get a FREE 3G when spending $149+
Free ItemFree Shipping
Get a FREE 3G when spending $149+
Receive FREE SHIPPING and a FREE 3G of House Kush with your order after spending $149+.
Receive FREE SHIPPING and a FREE 3G of House Kush with your order after spending $149+. Show Less
Get FREE SHIPPING on orders $99+
Free Shipping
Get FREE SHIPPING on orders $99+
Receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99+.
Receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99+. Show Less

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