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About West Coast Supply

We strive to be the No 1 marijuana dispensary store in Canada. We do that by providing safety, security & privacy. So when you order marijuana from us, we’ll be providing the best quality weed along with the biggest deals online.

West Coast Supply Review

West Coast Supply: One of the best dispensaries available online reviews

West Coast Supply is an online dispensary that ships from Vancouver. BC. They are experts in the cannabis industry and have extensive experience. They offer not only black-label stocks but also AAAA, AAA, and cheap stocks not offered by wholesalers or secondary suppliers. West Coast Supply’s menu is extensive, with a wide selection of florals, extracts, braces, edibles, CBD oils, treatment products, and mix and match packages.

West Coast Supply takes medical marijuana seriously and understands that customers rely on medical marijuana for pain management and general medical care. They have quality control practices and test everything they sell to ensure that cannabis is from the best and most reputable growers.

West Coast Supply is proud to provide medical cannabis to customers across Canada by mail order.

If you’re looking to buy weed online, West Coast Supply has a variety of different strains of marijuana, edible, bow, and CBD products.

West Coast Supply claims that all products are tested to the highest possible standards. They use customer service representatives during business hours to provide information about products and services.

West Coast Supply takes what they do very seriously. The online dispensary strives to provide high-quality cannabis products to Canadians of legal age. They also have professional and friendly virtual staff who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the needs of our clients. West Coast Supply does not compromise on security and privacy. With West Coast Supply, safety is no longer an issue so you may Buy Weed Online from West Coast Supply without any worries.

Information about West Coast Supply

Based in Vancouver B.C, West Coast Supply operates solely as an online cannabis store. They don’t have a phone number on their website, but it’s standard.

You can contact their sales representative through their official email available on their website. Live chat service is also available if you wish to get quick responses to your inquiries.

West Coast Supply has an active Facebook page. Send a message in Facebook Messenger and get quick answers to your questions. West Coast Supply also has an active Instagram and Twitter account.

Is West Coast Supply legit?

West Coast Supply has a great website, brand, and value proposition. They are a group of experienced cannabis entrepreneurs who offer compassionate and professional experience when buying weed online.

West Coast Supply has many online reviews reporting satisfaction and credibility, so there is no reason to think of them as fraudulent sites as a result, it is a safe place to Buy Weed Online. They reward reviews with discounts on their website for all products if you’ve made a purchase. They do not sell customer information because they are interested in building a repeat base and protecting information online. They audit their accounts to ensure that their clients are Canadian citizens and medical patients.

West Coast Supply Rewards Program

Like many online cannabis dispensaries, West Coast Supply uses a points-based loyalty program besides West Coast Supply coupons that awards points for every dollar spent at the store. Earn 100 points to earn $1 in-store credit. This means that you will have to spend $500 at the store to earn $5 award credits. This is a fairly standard price for a dispensary rewards program.

West Coast Supply also rewards customers for leaving reviews online. Loyalty programs are pretty standard, and the points earned can be used to receive discounts on other purchases made on the site in the future. Of course, the review bonus means that West Cost Supply online presence may be a bit distorted, leaving positive reviews to get the discount. If you’re still skeptical, check out this West Coast Supply review for information on conversation tones and various cannabis-related products.

West Coast Supply Deals and Discounts

The West Coast Supply website has a sales page that seems to rotate what is available constantly. At least as of this writing, sales seem to be focused on pre-sale. The deals on westcoastsupply.net seem to be well designed to encourage users to try various products. There are no crazy discounts as almost all of their sales are 25% off, but they make up for it at a low price.

West Coast Supply is a trusted online dispensary serving all of Canada. Their quality and speed may leave something desired, but their wide selection and great price effectively combat these things. If you are searching for an accessible and reliable online Canadian dispenser, West Coast Supply can help.

Promotion and coupon code

This is part of the highlights of this West Coast Supply Review. All promotions and coupon codes must be completed before ordering. Find free grams for your first purchase, free gifts for orders over $299, free shipping for orders over $150, combo packs, and much more.

There are a variety of promotions available on the West Coast Supply website. They have a monthly discount available for all products.

There is also a promotion for becoming a new member. The offer for new users offers a 20% discount and free grams on the first purchase.

If you refer a friend, both accounts will receive a $25 credit when the friend places the first order (a minimum coupon order amount of $100 applies).

West Coast Supply also offers a variety of other promotions like West Coast Supply coupons. Free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. Various mix and match discounts are also available when ordering different types together.

Finally, if you want to buy in bulk, you have the following offers:

  • Buy 2 ounces Get 15% off
  • 3 ounces Get 20% off
  • And 4+ ounces Get 25% off

West Coast Supply Cannabis Products

The WCS website has an extensive list of hemp and hemp-related products. There is a large selection of flowers. You can find all high-quality Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

There are also different hashes. All of these products are also available in pre-coated fillers. Besides flowers and hash, there are edibles, extracts, CBD, vaping, baths, bodies, and pets.

They also offer a selection of different types of mushrooms.


West Coast Supply has a relatively wide variety of flowers. In addition to high quality, they also offer cannabis flowers on different budgets.

If you’re not sure what you want, West Coast Supply has put together a few handy assorted packages to keep things fun.

Few of the key highlights of the online dispensary’s flower offerings are:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The dominant Sativa strain was first cultivated in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley. The Alaskan Thunder Fuck has a AAA rating and is known for its relaxing effects.

Allen Wrench

A relatively new variety derived from NYC Diesel and Trainwreck Cross. Allen Wrench is a Sativa variety with THC content of 19-22% and an AAAA rating.

Purple Ayahuasca

Another AAAA strain, purple ayahuasca, is a rare Indica-dominated flower. As the name suggests, purple ayahuasca produces relaxing highs due to its 21% THC and 2% CBD content.

CBD Products

West Coast Supply has a relatively fair selection of CBD products. They sell a variety of CBD tinctures, including both high-dose and low-dose Mary products. There are also some CBD dog products available.


The West Coast Supply location contains lots of edible items. Some of the products they sell include Sky Extracts CBD and THC capsules, chocolate Mary, chewing gum, brownies, and lots of more edilbes.

West Coast Supply also stocks Miss Envy THC/CBD and THC Coconut Oil.


If you are looking for heavy hitting concentrates, West Coast Supply has you covered. There are several different types of concentrates available.

These include Pink Island, Og Shark, and Lemon Skywalker. You can also find THC resin and distillate on their website.


They have a very conservative choice of vaping devices. Among the few products available are Paradise Pens, Collab, and Apex Extractions branded hardware and tanks.


When it comes to accessories, they are a good choice. Don’t be disappointed if you need paper, mills, blunt wrappers, or tubes.

Payment information

According to West Coast Supply reviews, they currently support card payments through Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you pay by credit card, there is an additional charge of 3%.

Like other online dispensaries in Canada, it also includes Interac E-Transfer and Auto Email Money Transfer. If you own cryptocurrencies, you also have the option to pay with Bitcoin.

All orders have an additional “processing” fee of just under 10%. West Coast Supply’s products list price does not include tax and will be added to your total payment. Identification is also required to prove that you are 19 or older.

West Coast Supply Shipping Information

They only offer one type of shipping called Xpresspost. If your order costs less than $150, the shipping fee will be charged at a flat rate of $25—free shipping for orders over $150. Orders can be tracked by Canadian mail.

Delivery times are 1 to 2 days if you live in the major metropolitan areas of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and 4 to 7 days if you live in the northern or remote parts of the country.

Final thoughts on West Coast Supply

West Coast Supply makes it easy to buy weed online in Canada. Dispensaries have set reasonable prices for marijuana products. With West Coast Supply, you don’t have to stretch your wallet to purchase high-quality herbs. West Coast Supply has an impressive selection of cannabis products. The company also offers incredible discounts and great loyalty programs that is why it is the best place to Buy Weed Online.

The West Coast Supply package is excellent. The package contains minimal customer identification information, and the package arrives in perfect condition. The smoking experience of its types is not mundane. West Coast Supply is trustworthy in terms of product quality. According to a West Coast Supply review, customers report that West Coast Supply has some of the best prices. Customers have also confirmed that West Coast Supply has a wide range of products.

Deals from West Coast Supply

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Get FREE SHIPPING on orders $149+
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Receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders $149+. Show Less

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