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Tons of ounce deals with new strains released every month. Just add 3 cart add-on products at checkout for $19.95 and delivery fees are on us. Earn up to 3 extra freebies when you shop with us. The more you buy, the more you get.

Xpress Grass Review

Why buy Weed from Xpress Grass: Complete Review

Xpress Grass is an online cannabis dispensary that provides THC delivery services to medical cannabis users. This Canadian marijuana dispensary provides marijuana by mail to anyone that resides in Canada. This means that you can Buy Weed Online at Xpress Grass if you live in Canada, no matter where you live. This is because it currently operates as an online cannabis store.

What is Xpress Grass?

Xpress Grass is one of the many online dispensaries that serve the Canadian marijuana community. Xpress Grass offers various flowers, edibles, and concentrates, including a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. In addition, they offer a variety of quality products that provide customers of all budgets with a range of options.

In addition, Xpress Grass offers a points and rewards system and discounts that customers can enjoy. It’s a bonus, as it shows that they pay attention to detail. Additionally, they have tons of offers that let users choose the option to combine marijuana with desired gifts. Xpress Grass does a great job with giving back to the customer for buying weed online from them.

More information about Xpress Grass

Xpress Grass has connections with the best producers and distributors in Vancouver B.C, so be confident that you will have the best products. Xpress Grass stands behind its products and ensures that they will be everything you need to meet your marijuana needs. Frequent customers and reviews are the lifeblood of your business. Without lots of reviews and good feedback, they wouldn’t lie about the quality of marijuana that they carry! Therefore, to reward their loyal customers, they offer special discounts; when you place an order, your products will be shipped by Canadian mail after the end of this business day. Tracking information will be provided as soon as your order is shipped. Depending on where you live, the package will arrive within 2-4 business days. Take a closer look at the Xpress Grass promo code displayed on this page to ensure you have a great shopping experience today. Then shop at xpressgrass.com and enjoy nearly every product available with the most popular Xpress Grass coupon and promo codes at 25% off. You can find tons of coupons on this Xpress Grass coupon page. Xpress Grass coupons available: 5 discount codes and eight offers. So why are you waiting? Buy weed online at Xpress Grass now.

What else does Xpress Grass offer?

Xpress Grass offers several marijuana and edible products. You can buy concentrates like Moroccan cannabis, Siddique, Canadian powder, THC Oil Canada and more online. These extra strong products are perfect for anyone looking for something more substantial than traditional marijuana.

Additionally, Xpress Grass offers dry sifting, raw resin, moon rock, phoenix routing, cannabis distillation, and marijuana vaporizers. This is an excellent selection of hemp products to choose from. The XpressGrass.com team also has a THC bath bomb that can be applied to the outside of the skin.

Additionally, Xpress Grass offers edible cannabis-infused products such as hemp gum, marijuana candy, canna butter cookies and THC tea. The edibles list contains a variety of common items found in Canada. Xpress Grass also offers THC capsules and cannabis tinctures for a more therapeutic approach to edible hemp.

Xpress Grass also has a variety of CBD products online for those who don’t want to be extravagant. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychotropic substance that does not potentiate the toxic effects usually associated with THC products.

Additionally, Xpress Grass’s CBD stock consists of CBD Oil Online, CBD Candy, and Canadian full-spectrum CBD oil products. They also offer a variety of other CBD products. The XpressGrass team also provides CBD themes for external use. Additionally, they offer CBD products to pet owners for Canadian dogs.

A new addition to the Xpress Grass catalogue is the mushroom cubes’ item. These products are more commonly known as mushroom products online and are known to induce a psychedelic experience. Xpress Grass offers a variety of golden masters. Recommended purchase is Fun Guy Chocolate. They are said to be great and even provide a lighter therapeutic approach so that you can take small doses of mushrooms.


This company loves to reward its loyal customers that is why it is the best place to Buy Weed Online. When you subscribe to their newsletter, they will send you a special members-only coupon. There is also a point system where you can get a discount depending on the purchase amount. But my favourite is their referral program. They will give you a $ 20 discount voucher for each friend you refer. If you have a lot of friends, this seems to add up quickly.

Xpress Grass coupon codes and promotions

If you want a great deal of grass at a great price, it’s time to shop at Xpress Grass. The current offer is only $99 and an ounce of cannabis. If you like to smoke marijuana as soon as you open the package, consider this particular week. Pre-roll joints can be purchased for just $4 per pop.

Xpress Grass coupons, weekly promotions, and special offers are constantly changing. When you register as a member, you will be notified about new discounts and alerts about upcoming promotions. You also have access to sales first, so you don’t have to worry about running out of stock on your favourite items.

Coupon example: Xpress Grass coupons below:

Explosive sale: 15% discount with the Xpress Grass promo code

Up to 23% discount on edibles

Find updated promo codes, deals and deals from Xpress Grass

Sign up for special offers and promotions at xpressgrass.com

Up to 45% discount on flowers

How to use the Xpress Glass special offer?

Select the items that match your requirements and add them to your cart.

See and find the promo code for Xpress Grass and copy the code onto your clipboard.

Go back to their official website and continue paying. You will need to enter your mobile phone number on the payment page, and a code will be sent to you for confirmation.

Find the box “Enter discount code/gift certificate” and press the “Apply” to apply the Xpress Grass coupons on your purchase.


Xpress Grass has an impressive range of cannabis products. From flowers and smoke to nutrients and extracts, they have just about everything you can hope for. And the best part is that you don’t have to leave home to buy. Xpress Grass makes it so easy to buy weed online.


Xpress Grass partners with the best growers and distributors in Canada. They guarantee 100% that you get the best quality cannabis when you buy with them and it’s the best that you can buy for the money.


PREEMO is one of the fastest-growing companies in British Columbia. Its flagship product is canned cannabis, which keeps the buds as fresh and strong as possible. Xpress Grass reviews states that it has several PREEMO weed types, such as Master Kush Ultra and Violator Kush.

There are always newcomers, usually 12 to 15 different varieties on hand. What if you don’t know which strain to try, starting with this collection of 6 flower specimens?

The Hindu Kush is one of the varieties that can be purchased for $99 an ounce. It costs less than $100 and weighs 28 grams. No matter which online dispensary you shop at, this price can’t be beaten.

Pure Indica from the Middle East has a sweet and straightforward taste when smoked. If you think 1 ounce is too much, you can buy 1 gram for $ 10 and try it first.

If you want to Buy Weed Online or pre-rolled herbs, you’re in luck. Not all varieties sold in this online dispenser come with pre-roll seals, but many do. Now you can buy 24K joints, Death Bubba, Holy Grail, Walter White and LAX.

Pure Extracts

Hemp extracts are becoming more and more popular. Xpress Grass responds by selling various pure extracts such as bagasse, live resins, phoenix tears and pure distillates. If you want to buy budder or shatter, there are tons of options available.

According to Xpress Grass reviews, the stock rotates according to stock, but now you can find Strawberry Cheese Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, and more.

This is purely pressed cannabis, usually used for health purposes and has a 70-80% THC. It creates unparalleled highs and is helpful in a variety of conditions and discomfort.


Of course, Xpress Grass also contains a variety of CBD tinctures and CBD products.  It also carries some refills for vaporizer pen cartridges. The leading brands you will find are CBD Move and Sovereign Extract. If you’re looking to buy CBD online, Xpress Grass is a great place to meet your CBD needs.


If you want to ingest cannabis than smoke it, check out the Xpress Grass edibles page. You can find everything from candies, chocolates, gummies, and more. Stick to your Canadian heritage and buy cannabis-infused maple syrup online for your morning muffins at Xpress Grass.

Vaporizer Pens and Accessories

Are you interested in vaping? Xpress Grass has several vaporizer options, including disposable vaporizer pens, THC extraction pens, and tons of kits of different flavours. If you want to try other flavours, there are many refill options available. Try the flavours of watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, grape, sour diesel, and blue dream.

You can also complete your cart with some essential smoking accessories while searching for buds and extracts. This online dispensary sells all kinds of paper, wraps, and glass tubes.

Shipping and handling

Xpress Grass prides itself on reliable, discreet delivery.

The placed order is shipped the same day if it is a business day. Tracking details will be sent immediately after completing you order.

All items are mailed in hidden and discrete, vacuum-sealed envelopes, so curious neighbours won’t notice. Plus, Xpress Grass offers free shipping on all orders over $200, sour bears for $250 and free joints for $350.

The order is delivered within one business day after payment is received. Xpress Grass ships anywhere in Canada, but where you live can affect delivery times.

Parcels usually arrive within 2-3 business days. The company uses Canada Post Xpress Post, which guarantees replacement if your luggage is lost or stolen.

Payment Methods for Xpress Grass

Compared to other online dispensaries, the price of Xpress Grass is one of the most affordable. Grams of flowers cost an average of $10, but it’s recommended to buy more to get a more significant discount. The concentrates and extracts costs about $35 per gram (note that this is more expensive due to its higher concentration).

The only payment method that Xpress Grass accepts at the time of writing this review is Interac E-Transfer. This is very easy, as almost all banks in Canada accept wire transfers.

Deals from Xpress Grass

Get FREE SHIPPING, no minimum required
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Get FREE SHIPPING, no minimum required
Get FREE SHIPPING by adding 3 cart add-on products at checkout for $19.95. No minimum...Show More
Get FREE SHIPPING by adding 3 cart add-on products at checkout for $19.95. No minimum order amount required. Show Less

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